We are seeking caring adult volunteers to mentor youth ages 11-18.  Mentors participate in recreational, cultural, educational, and community service activities with our youth. The mentor and mentee are expected to interact weekly (i.e., in-person, by phone, by email, or social media) and to meet face-to-face at least once per month. 


  • Be at least 21 years old 
  • Commit to a youth for 1 year 
  • Interact with mentee for 2 hours per week, including one face-to-face meeting per month 
  • Complete Mentor training (in-person and online) 
  • Pass a screening interview and criminal background check 

To get Started Complete the Application and submit it to Kyrinda Richardson at

Mentoring in the National Urban League is defined as a structured and intentional linking of youth and positive adult role models in order to help youth develop:

  • a sense of accomplishment and connectedness,
  • a sense of self-worth and possibility, and
  • a relationship that allows the youth to contribute to community in substantive ways.

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Mentoring with youth can manifest in many different ways, and it is most often defined as a meaningful relationship with an older individual. Mentoring can have a number of positive benefits to youth and this is due to a number of important factors that take place during the mentoring relationship.

  • Youth Fully Engaged / Improved Attendance
  • Improved Social Connectedness / Improved College & Career Awareness
  • Improved College & Career Readiness / Reduced Recidivism
  • Improved Youth Outcomes-Skill Development (Academic & Social),
  • Aptitudes, Attitudes and Behavior
  • Improved Mentor Knowledge Increased Mentor Retention
  • Demonstrated Service and Leadership
  • Improved Employability
  • Improved Perceived Social Support